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Enjoy Your Stay by Choosing the Best Hotels in Mandarmani

If you are a travel enthusiast looking to experience the relatively untouched beauty of the coastal town of Mandarmani, you should know that there are very few places that can match its tranquillity. The present is the best time to visit Mandarmani as due to its growing popularity, more and more people are starting to throng there. Situated at a distance of just 180 km from Kolkata, it would take you just around 4½ to 5 hours to reach this town by car. You can choose from several amazing hotels in Mandarmani to stay in.

Places to See in Mandarmani

  • Mandarmani Beach
  • The primary reason that people go to Mandarmani is to witness the beautiful beach that the town has to offer. It is considered to be among the longest driveable beaches in the country. Although the waves are not as high as they are in the neighbouring town of Digha, the beach is still the main attraction.
  • Delta (Mohana)
  • Another sight to witness is the delta that is there in the town. It can be seen at a distance of merely 6 km from the centre of Mandarmani. To go to Mandarmani and not see the delta can be extremely disappointing.

Best Time to Visit Mandarmani

You can choose to visit this coastal town between the months of October and May. Things can become a little bit unpleasant during the monsoon months and the sea itself can become rough, so this season is best avoided. Other than that, you can easily enjoy a visit to Mandarmani during the rest of the year.

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